Fire Hose Testing

Services Include

* Removal of fire hose from apparatus or storage.
* Labeling and recording of all information for each length of hose.
* Inspection of all fire hose, nozzles, couplings and appliances in accordance with NFPA standards.
* Rolling and repacking of fire hose in the same place and manner as it was removed.
* Hose manufactured prior to July 1987 shall be removed from service. * Service-testing of nozzles.
* Attack fire hose shall be service tested to a minimum of 300 psi.
* Supply fire hose shall be service tested to a minimum of 200 psi.
* System tests - each pre-connected line or any attack line used for interior firefighting operations on a fire apparatus, together with the nozzle or hose connected appliance it supplies, shall be flow tested as a system at least annually.
* All non-threaded hose connections shall be provided with locks to ensure against unintentional disconnection.
* Fire hose users and the Authority Having Jurisdiction shall establish a replacement schedule for their fire hose, which takes into consideration the use, age and testing results.

Pump Testing

Services Include

* 5 minute dry vacuum test
* Timed primer test
* 20 minute test at rated capacity and 150 PSI
* 5 minute "spurt" (overload) test at rated capacity and 165 psi, (Not required by ISO but recommended by NFPA)
* 10 minute test at 70 percent capacity and 200 psi
* 10 minute test at 50 percent capacity and 250 psi
* Thoroughly inspect truck and write up any and all issues with the truck

Ground Ladder Testing

Services Include

* Visual inspection
* Hardness tester
* Horizontal bending test equipment per NFPA-1932,5-2
* Verification of heat sensor expiration dates
* Documentation provided with each test
* Ladder hardware test

Aerial Ladder Testing

Services Include

* NFPA 1911
* Visual Inspection
* Operational Test / Functional Test
* Ultrasonic Test of Accessible Pins
* Bolt Torque
* Hydraulic Fluid Analysis
* Hardness Test
* Load Test / Drift Test
* Magnetic Particle Inspection
* Dye Penetrant Inspection

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